Spencer-Penn Wins 5th Place in WSLS’ Top 10 Wedding Venues


Each month WSLS requests nominations for a different category of local business. April of 2019 was set apart just for local wedding venues. Locations from Floyd, Roanoke, Christiansburg, Lexington, and more were included in the list of nominations. Voting took place through the last day of April. Thanks to all the support from our community and former brides, Spencer-Penn finished in 5th place of over 20 wedding venues.

A huge thank you to all who voted and continue to choose Spencer-Penn for your events! We hope to see you soon!

The link for the full list of nominations and placements is as follows: https://www.wsls.com/top-10/top-10-best-local-wedding-venue?fbclid=IwAR2tFY1cVBeSSbyhC01n9Uqlz_XknDSroqSaOdPfvYY7tSNQ1kuogL_S-HU#/gallery