Jordan good selection for Dalton award

Mary Jordan exemplifies the spirit of community service that the annual Jack Dalton Award recognizes.

Jordan, the executive director of the Spencer-Penn Centre, received the award Tuesday from the Henry County Board of Supervisors. The board selects the recipient from among people nominated by the public.

Jordan was the driving force in the transformation of Spencer-Penn from a closed school to a community center that houses classes, concerts and even a library.

She had taught at the school for 32 years of its 77-year history. She retired in 2002 and it closed two years later. Jordan then helped start the Spencer-Penn School Preservation Organization, which bought the property and now operates the center. She was president of the preservation organization until earlier this year, when she became executive director.

But her role is not just wearing titles. Jordan has been involved in the center at every step and done whatever was needed, whether it was cleaning or coordinating activities. No job has been too large or too small for her as Spencer-Penn has grown into the community center it is today.

Jordan has accomplished all this with her typical humility and good nature. She is a pleasure to work with.

Board of Supervisors Chairman Debra Buchanan said Tuesday that Jordan "truly is making an impact in our community. I cannot think of a better recipient of this award than Mary Jordan ... ." We agree.