Martial Arts

Martial Arts Class

Join Sifu Kristian Gordon for Martial Arts class. Classes will occur on Thursdays, from 6 to 7 p.m. There are no age, experience, or ability requirements for this class. Everyone is welcome! Cost for a month is $40 for members or $65 for non-members.

Kung Fu Summer Program

June 13th: Bullying/Self Defense Class FREE

Identifying what is bullying and how to deal with it. This will be a free presentation that will focus on bullying prevention in the school setting, a place we send our children and expect them to feel safe. Ages 6-12

June 20th: Intro to Nunchucks $5

This class will cover the basics of nunchuck usage. We will be teaching an introductory form that covers striking and blocking taught in a safe environment. The class will use foam nunchucks. Ages 6-12

June 27th: Board Breaking Clinic $5

Join us and learn how to break boards. We will teach and demonstrate the skill needed to successfully break a board as done in our Martial Arts class. Each child will have the opportunity to break a board in a safe, controlled environment. Ages 6-12

Pre-register or request more information by contacting the Centre.