Surviving Covid-19 – April 2020

If you had asked me what today would look like back in January, I would have painted a very different picture than what today looks like. I would probably have described it something like this: all the Spencer-Penn staff setting up tables and chairs, labeling vendor booths, putting out Barnival games on the ballfield, waiting for pig cookers to arrive, putting finishing touches on the kitchen, and sending out reminders to volunteers, the phone ringing off the hook, and an excitement of what tomorrow would bring. Tomorrow would have been our Annual Pig Cooking. Now, tomorrow will look very similar to today for Spencer-Penn.

Today, our staff are working from home: answering e-mails, updating social media and this very site, thinking of ways we can keep our Spencer-Penn family in the loop while making sure they stay well. The last month has been quiet for the Centre. Our staff are keeping busy with projects like painting, repair work, deep cleaning, and prepping for what we hope will be a busy fall, but it is almost completely silent in the halls. Quite different than what we had imagined.

While the caronavirus pandemic has certainly changed things for a while, we are grateful to see how our community has continued to keep Spencer-Penn relevant and stay involved. Staff are available and keeping busy three days a week at the Centre. The library continues to take calls for guests to reserve their books, which they can pick up curbside on the days our staff are at the Centre. The playground is closed, but the ballfield and walking track have been seeing many visitors over the last few weeks. We love seeing friends take walks and sit in the courtyard, enjoying the beautiful, spring weather. The Little Red Library has seen a few changes as well. Along with holding a variety of books, it now holds food and staple household items so that a person may take what they need or donate from their own abundance. While it may be something small, we do hope it is a blessing for our small community. Something to share a little love.

Many weddings and events have been postponed, including our own fundraisers and classes. Unfortunately, one of these events is our beloved Pig Cooking and our largest fundraiser of the year. Obviously, this will affect the opportunities we are able to provide to the community. We have already seen quite a few donations come in with hope to assist us in making up the difference due to these circumstances. What a blessing this is!

On May 5th, we will join in the global movement of #GivingTuesdayNow where we will hope to make up some of the difference from losing our Pig Cooking, rentals, Music Nights, and classes over the last month and for the foreseeable future. We are also encouraging friends to renew or join our membership. For only $10, an individual can become a member of Spencer-Penn. Ten individual memberships can provide our community with a 3 hour class with a quality instructor. Ten family memberships will provide the Centre with supplies for our storytime program for 6 months. Ten lifetime memberships will provide for the Centre's utilities for a month. Every membership makes a difference. If you're interested in joining us as a member or making a donation, please visit and scroll down until you see the gift that best fits your situation and know that no matter the gift, monetary or not, you are appreciated!

Be sure to keep an eye out for more updates, and we will try to post more blogs to help document this unusual time. Until next time, please be safe and stay well. We can't wait to see you again, hopefully very soon!